Arriving at the Greenbrier in 2011, Virtu owners Alex Brand and Susan Thomas have consistently created fine art glass as well as gold and silver jewelry over decades of refined craftsmanship.


The addition of a hot glass studio came in 2013, now allowing Brand to create on The Greenbrier property itself.


Presently our facilities have expanded to offer a variety of hands on activities including glassblowing, fusing, and sandblasting.

Hours and Services

Stop by our Studio to see live glassblowing or take a class!

Live Glassblowing

Monday ~ Thursday from 10 - 4

Glassblowing Demos

Monday ~ Thursday at 11

Hot Glass Lessons Available

Friday ~ Sunday from 9 - 5

Virtu Made By You

Wednesday ~ Sunday 10 - 5

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515 White Sulphur Hill Rd

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Phone: (304) 536-1110 ext. 7447

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