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Susan Chapman Thomas

Designer and Goldsmith

"I am and have been making my living as a metal smith, full time, for over 35 years. The designs you see here are a culmination of all that time to date. I am still learning and you are part of the process. I attempt to design functional, wearable pieces that are comfortable, durable and visually clean; always striving to coerce the stone materials with the metal to form a unified design from the karat gold and natural gem stones that you see here. You have been kind enough over the years to join with me in creating designs that are a combination of your inspirations and my executions."


The following statement is a good definition of the craft arts:


"Through Art, human experience and values are articulated. The craft arts stem from indigenous and utilitarian traditions in every culture and are closely related to basic needs for beauty, identity and connectedness, they have a special capacity to relate to people and their communities."

~ Mission statement from the Handwork Shop, Richmond, VA 

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